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Dental technologies continue to evolve and we make sure we are at the forefront of proven
new trends, procedures and services for our patients. We offer all of the latest dental
technologies in our office.

Intraoral camera

This gives us the ability to view a magnified image of the area we are working with. Each operatory is equipped a monitor for the benefit of the patient and staff.

Intra-oral camera

Air Abrasion

Finally, there is a painless method for providing fillings. This air abrasion technology allows us to work without the traditional painful drill.

Some advantages of Air Abrasion technology are:
• Painless (no novacaine needed)
• Works well for small fillings

Air Abrasion

Plasma Arc Light

The Plasma Arc Light is a small bright light that hardens white composite fillings. White fillings and porcelain restorations can now be bonded in an efficient and superior manner.

• Faster than any other light
• Less time in the dental chair for the patient

Plasma Arch Light

Brite Smile

Whitening your teeth has never been easier. With this technology your smile can be brighter in just one appointment.

• Takes about 1 hours to lighten about 7 shades
• Least amount of sensitivity of any whitener we have used
• Much less difficult than the trays at home for 2 weeks

Bright Smile

CAD/CAM Technology (Cerec)

Allows us to make a crown, veneer, or inlay in just one appointment.

• No second appointment needed
• Very strong all porcelain crowns
• No gagging impressions
• Great esthetics
• State of the art technology

Cerec Machine

Clear Braces (Invisalign)

A clear alternative to metal braces. Invisalign consists of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.

Invisalign Clear Braces


A small laser dental instrument that can help diagnose decay

• Helps us identify decay vs stain


Sedation Dentistry

Allows the very apprehensive patient to be comfortable in the dental office.

• We can use oral medications or Nitrous Oxide inhaled gas
• Patients can drive to the office and home, by themselves
• Makes dentistry tolerable for the anxious patient

Dental Implants

Artificial teeth to replace missing teeth.

• Feels like normal teeth
• Natural teeth do not need to be filed to put in a bridge
• Extremely successful

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays allows us to take instant x-rays. If a retake of the x-ray is needed, it takes seconds, not 10 minutes.

• Significantly less radiation
• Can see problems much better that standard film x-rays
• Can send to a specialist by e-mail

Digital X-rays

Digital Patient Charts (paperless office)

Our Digital Charts allows us to read notes easier which decreases chances of errors.

• We can send information to insurance companies or specialists with a click of the button
• Much easier to find information in the chart (less time in the chair for the patient)
• More than one person can be using the chart at a time, to better treat our patients


The panoramic radiograph that goes around your head.

• Gives us much more information than small x-rays
• We can see if there is a cyst, tumor, root tip, abscess, impacted tooth, extra tooth
• Very little radiation



A brand of veneers that requires no preparation of the teeth

• Extremely cosmetic
• Extremely strong

General Anesthesia in the Office

General Anesthesia in the office is done by a licensed anesthesiologist for a healthy person, in our office.

• Many extremely apprehensive patients, who were being treated in the hospital, can now be treated in the office
• Decreases time, decreases cost, and decreases possible problems in the hospital