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We have a wide range of services that cover all aspects of dentistry. As our high quality is standard, we practice preventive dentistry to ensure optimal oral hygiene and oral health. Our standard services and procedures include:

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry means that we treat a child, with the child's needs in mind. It also means that when the adolescent requires their wisdom teeth removed, we consider their specific concerns. When we treat adults, we not only provide many aspects of dental care, but we incorporate the adult's specific needs and concerns. Treating our senior patients requires not only a great knowledge of dentistry, but also medicine, medications and the seniors special needs, which may include speaking slowly and clearly in front of them and addressing their concerns.

The greatest joy I have in practicing family dentistry is that not only does each patient have their specific needs and concerns, but each generation has different needs and wants that we will address in order to provide them with outstanding dental care.

Porcelain One-appointment Crowns (Cerec)

Chairside Esthetic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC)

Our new technology allows us to create new crowns in a fast, accurate and economic way. In one appointment your crown will be completed. There is no need to take an impression and then send it out to a lab anymore. Temporary crowns and impressions are not needed either.

The tooth-colored ceramic material we use is compatible with tissue in your mouth, high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. No more silver fillings to discolor your smile. The bonded porcelain actually helps strengthen the tooth instead of weakening it. To date this is the strongest restoration anyone can offer.

We use a digital camera to take a 3-dimensional picture of the area. The crown is then digitally created using C.A.D. technology, and precisely milled in our computerized C.A.D. – C.A.M. machine. A high-speed diamond bur and disk work simultaneously to mill the restoration out of a solid block of space age ceramic material.

CEREC allows us to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of your tooth. The remarkable part is we can do this for the same fee as a traditional crown.

CEREC can be used for:
• Partial and full crowns
• Veneers and facings
• All other single-tooth restorations

Other benefits of CEREC are:
• Saves time for you, the patient, because it’s done in one visit
• No temporary crown, no impressions, no second visit
• No metal in the crown, super strength in the porcelain
• Technology may also be used for a filling, making them more durable than the standard filling.

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain Bridges have the strength of metal and with superior aesthetics.

• Strength of metal without the metal
• Avoids black line at the gum line

Cleaning (Prophy or Prophylaxis)

Thorough professional cleaning not only removes tartar and stains from teeth and identifies the beginning of gum and tooth problems that may help prevent greater problems in the future.

• Includes scaling plaque, polishing teeth, flossing, assessing your mouth’s cleanliness and providing oral hygiene instructions
• Hygienist reviews proper brushing and flossing techniques
• Removes stains
• Can help with halitosis
• Medical studies have shown that routine dental cleaning help make the mouth and body healthier
    ◊ Helps prevent gum disease
    ◊ Examines for tumors, cysts, cancer

One Appointment Root Canals

Root canal treatment is done when a "nerve" dies in a tooth. It really is removing the soft tissue inside of the root of the tooth and then sealing this area. It is usually painless, with the use of a local anesthetic. With new high tech sonic measuring device to measure the inside length and special high-tech files, most root canals can be done in one appointment with better success and fewer problems than when they used to take two to four appointments. This is one of the many areas that dentistry has advanced in recent years.


When implants are needed to replace missing teeth, we work with a team approach. We work with an oral surgeon or periodontist. They will place the implant in the bone and we will work with the lab technician making the crown or porcelain and metal bridge. This will create the best possible results for our patients. Providing implants to restore missing teeth is very difficult, but by utilizing the team approach we are able to achieve excellent success.


A plastic coating on the biting surfaces up teeth to help prevent decay

• Inexpensive way to prevent decay
• Can be done on children and adults painlessly

Other Services

We provide other services as requested by patients including:

• All aspects of dentistry from simple cleanings and fillings to comprehensive full mouth restoration (smile makeovers)
• Custom Mouthguards
• TMJ treatment