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Cosmetic dentistry is an all-encompassing word to describe many treatments that we can do to make your teeth look lighter in color, straighter, normal shape and size, and make the gum tissues healthy and contoured naturally.

Veneers (Facings)

Veneers, which are sometimes called facings, allow us to “reface” upper and lower front teeth that need cosmetic repair because of poor color, shape, position, or many old fillings. If the tooth is strong enough, we only have to place these on the front of the teeth, thereby saving most of the natural tooth structure. They provide a veneer that makes the teeth look great.

Many times we can provide prep less veneers or Lumineers, no pain, no drilling, no Novacaine

Whitening/Bleaching (Brightsmile, ZOOM)

Whitening (bleaching) is the new hot-word in dentistry. Bright Smile is a technique to whiten teeth in about one hour safely and painlessly. We have had great success with this technique. What a super way to take years of stain and discoloration from your teeth. The two questions that we cannot answer are, “How light will the teeth get and how long will it last?”. We usually are able to get about seven shades lighter and it usually lasts for years.

Commercial products of applying liquids and strips to whiten teeth are on TV all the time. There are whitening toothpastes, floss, and mouth rinses also. Some of these products work a little. Some of these products can irritate the gums and teeth. The products usually do not get the teeth as white as the techniques that we use in our office.

All-Porcelain Crowns (Cerec)

Chairside Esthetic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC)

Our new technology allows us to create new crowns in a fast, accurate and economic way. In one appointment your crown will be completed. There is no need to take an impression and then send it out to a lab anymore. Temporary crowns and impressions are not needed either.

The tooth-colored ceramic material we use is compatible with tissue in your mouth, high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. No more silver fillings to discolor your smile. The bonded porcelain actually helps strengthen the tooth instead of weakening it. To date this is the strongest restoration anyone can offer.

We use a digital camera to take a 3-dimensional picture of the area. The crown is then digitally created using C.A.D. technology, and precisely milled in our computerized C.A.D. – C.A.M. machine. A high-speed diamond bur and disk work simultaneously to mill the restoration out of a solid block of space age ceramic material.

CEREC allows us to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of your tooth. The remarkable part is we can do this for the same fee as a traditional crown.

CEREC can be used for:
Partial and full crowns
Veneers and facings
All other single-tooth restorations

All Procelain Bridges

For cosmetic purposes, we can now make bridges with a white (porcelain) metal. It is as strong as metal and cosmetically looks great

Clear Braces (Invisalign)

Invisable braces. This is a technique to move teeth with a thin plastic “aligner” that is almost invisible. It allows us to provide orthodontics to people who do not want the wires and metal bands on the teeth.


When implants are needed to replace missing teeth, we work with a team approach. We work with an oral surgeon or periodontist. They will place the implant in the bone and we will work with the lab technician making the crown or porcelain and metal bridge. This will create the best possible results for our patients. Providing implants to restore missing teeth is very difficult. By utilizing the team approach, we are able to achieve excellent success.

White Fillings

Family dentistry means that we treat a child, with the child's needs in mind. It also means that when the adolescent requires their wisdom teeth